Group: Freestyle Phanatix
Country: Denmark
Age: from 6 years
Duration: 30 min


Newton’s third law describes the relationship between different forces. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. But what happens when us humans crash into each other? This is the starting point for the street dance performance 3rd. It’s about our lifestyle and our consumption. About the consequences our actions as individuals, society and culture have on a global scale. About what happens when the choices of our ancestors and our own generation catches up with us. With an incredibly tight interaction, and a presence and sensitivity in every movement, this is a performance that is both quietly poetic yet explosively forceful.

“With a direct communication between the dancers and the audience, 3rd is a street performance that we fell for instantly. Strong, beautiful and with a feeling for both form and content that is pulsating with energy.” – Hanna Uddenberg and Malin Enberg


About the performance

Producer: Freestyle Phanatix, director Kim Bøytler
Choreographer and Artistic Direction: Sara Jordan
Text, Concept and Music: Sara Jordan
Dramaturgy: Winnie Karnofka
Dramaturgical Consultant: Jeanette Munzert
Costume: Sara Jordan
Performers: Freestyle Phanatix crew

About the company

Freestyle Phanatix is Scandinavia’s largest professional breakdance crews and has presented more than 3000 performances and workshops across the world. The crew is a collective where three generations from the different arts within hip hop meet. Their work is defined by openness, unity, the ability to see past skin color and background and to reach beyond the limits of the stage, regardless of what audience they’re performing for.



Inga Evenemang