Group: Twisted Feet
Country: Sweden
Age: from ages 13 and above
Duration: 70 min

In , mankind is on the brink of extinction. The climate threat has come true and it’s fuming from gases and billowing smoke. The earth trembles under mankind’s rampage. Through powerful dance vignettes, the audience is invited into a street dance-based performance dealing with one of our time’s most pressing issues – climate change. is a mixture of intensity and acuteness, moving from grief to hopefulness. Where projections and light effects are mixed with the unstoppable force of street dance, in a message of the gravest importance about the climate and our future on earth.


About the performance

Dancers: Ashaa Zaki, Tevin Redvall, Jenni Louwen, Sean Gee, Claudia Svensson, Samuel Boqvist, Saga Strömqvist, Philip Hansson and Linnea Wenger
Direction: Denny Hulten, Nina Kollbrunner and Zerjon Abebe
Choreography: Denny Hulten, Nina Kollbrunner, Zerjon Abebe and Marco Wihlborg
Screenplay: Twisted Feet and Christofer Bocker
Assistant choreographers: Marco Wihlborg and Mia Hellberg
Lighting design: Carl Johan “Lalle” Norrhamn
Scenographer: Torulf Wetterot
Costume: Majli Af Ekenstam
Animation and video: Daniel Hägglund, Tony Hulten and Marcel Gomes
Sound production and edit: Denny Hulten and Zerjon Abebe
Photo: Johnny Kääpä

About the company

Twisted Feet is a Gothenburg based dance company founded in 2003 based in street dance culture. They run a successful dance school and have produced a large number of stage productions. Among these is the celebrated Wall Street at GöteborgsOperan as the first ever street dance production on a Swedish opera stage. They also run the project Community X that has created a network of dance festivals in west Sweden, as well as the Arvsfond project Passion for climate that aims at involving young people in the climate issue.


Inga Evenemang