Art of Spectra


Company: Art of Spectra
Country: Sweden
Age: for ages 16 years and adults
Duration: 90 min


The workshop starts with a warm-up where the participants try out balance, strength, flexibility, movements. After this, Art of Spectra presents a shorter choreography, followed by a conversation about what we’ve just seen and about dance. After this the participants try out the contemporary dance style of Art of Spectra and learn a shorter choreography. Since the style is closely connected to that of breakdance, we try out various aspects from street dance and give a brief historic background about street and breakdance. After the break the participants get suggestions on how to create their movements and how to out these together into a choreography.

About Art of Spectra

Art of Spectra is a dance company from Gothenburg, creating performances that are presented at venues all around Sweden and internationally. The company was formed in 1998 by choreographer and composer Peter Svenzon. Art of Spectra works with performing arts productions where dance is the main focus, but where elements of video art, electronic music and live musicians on stage are regular elements. The core is contemporary dance, but Peter Svenzon’s background in breakdance is clearly present.


Inga Evenemang