Floor work dance class


Company: Jordi L. Vidal Company
Country: Belgium
Age: for ages 16 years and above
Duration: 90 min

Floor work dance class

In this contemporary dance class, great importance is given to the development of a great physicality with a flexible and relaxed body. For this purpose, different exercises of floor work technique and core work will be proposed to warm up and strengthen the body. Part of the course will be based on improvisation in order to broaden our body-awareness and gradually develop our imagination and creativity through movement. It will end with the creation of a choreography where we physically express characters, images and communicate emotions. The workshop is lead by Julie Querre and Youri de Gussem.

About Jordi L. Vidal Company

The Jordi L. Vidal Company produces performances that combine dance, theatre and circus, for indoor and outdoor settings. With over 600 performances, their shows have been presented at numerous venues and festivals around the globe. The company’s creative horizon spans multidisciplinary work combining movement with chamber music ensembles, video creations and art installations as well as site-specific work.



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