Performances for the youngest


Imagine being allowed to touch all those pretty things? To crawl around, listen, smell and experience without boundaries. In the performance Natten, you and your baby go on a discovery in a safe room filled with moon whiz and star melodies.

Natten is an iridescent nightly adventure for the very young. In a magical nightly universe we experience dancing moonlight and glittering stars that evoke your senses through scent, dance, sounds and music. In a safe room, the babies and adults can together move freely in the room, investigate, experience or lie down and just be.

Copenhagen based choreographer My Grönholdt has toured her work to venues and festivals all around the Nordics. It is with great joy that we welcome My and the dance company MYKA to Step. And we look forward to many nightly adventuers!


It’s shimmering, it’s growing, spinning and floating. In an enchanted world of movement there are no boundaries, and what I see perhaps you experience as something else entirely.

Using humor and ingenuity, dancer Johanna Ehn transform into various fanciful and dancing figures. One has large eyes, another too long arms. But what is it that we see? And what did it turn into now? Förvandling is a dance performance that brings out laughter, raises thoughts and creates curiosity. It’s beautiful when the imagination takes over and we as audiences can just go along for the ride.

We’re so proud to present local company Big Wind! With a long experience in scenic works for young audiences, they create colorful performances full of warmth and humor.