Close format performances


Drip, throw, splash the paint? Why choose when you can do all of it! The performance Plock! combines dance circus and action painting into a color explosion.

Bothe children and adults put on covering overalls before the performance, because it’s going to splash and spill when the dancer takes the stage. This is an exploration of the painting style action painting, with buzzing paint tubes and where hands and feet are used as brushes. With an impressive force and body control, we follow the acrobatic dancers’ way toward the finished masterpiece.

Balancing Bodies

Do you want to experience a performance really close up? Sit among the dancers and perhaps even participate? Balancing Bodies plays with the idea of the relation between the audience and the dancers.

The audience is seated in an ordinary room. Spread out on rolling office chairs, it soon turns out that the audience is in fact both scenography and extras of the performance. Using humor and charm, we are invited into a world full of surprises where we as audience are very much a part of it. We will see duets and beautiful formations, only to the next minute being thrown into new situations where fun and exciting meetings occur.