Freestyle Sensation


Group: Freestyle Phanatix
Country: Sweden
Age: All ages
Duration: Approx 45 min

Freestyle Sensation

Peace, Unity, Love & Having Fun are the foundations of hip hop. In Freestyle Phanatix’ new performance Freestyle Sensation, that motto is just the start! It’s a performance that blends breakdance, rap, beatboxing and streetdance with interactive scenography, projections and sound and lighting design. This is a meeting between different styles and expressions where tradition meet the present and with a stage that’s just as much alive and vibrant as the artists in the performance are.

About the performance

Choreography and direction: Kim Bøytler
Cast and original score: Maurizio Addone, Thor Mikkelsen, Philip Nordström, Fredmar Lopez, Arturus Molina, Ferhat Düz
Producer: Freestyle Phanatix

About the company

Freestyle Phanatix is Scandinavia’s largest professional breakdance crews and has presented more than 3000 performances and workshops across the world. The crew is a collective where three generations from the different arts within hip hop meet. Their work is defined by openness, unity, the ability to see past skin color and background and to reach beyond the limits of the stage, regardless of what audience they’re performing for.


Inga Evenemang