Group: Stopgap Dance Company
Country: United Kingdom
Age: for ages 13 and above
Duration: 25 min


Six striking dancers collide in an uplifting dance riot! In this quirky dance performance, playful observations of the yesteryears explode into a punkish celebration of individuality and difference. Frock is both energetic and humorous. A performance that hits you right in the heart and that makes you smile long after you’ve experienced it. All of it set to a brand new art rock soundtrack by members of the British band Moulettes.


About the performance

Artistic Direction: Lucy Bennett
Original Music: Hannah Miller and Oli Austin of Moulettes
Costume Design: Martina Trottmann
Photo: Chris Parkes
Executive Producer: Sho Shibata
Producer: Dougie Evans
Performed and Devised by the Cast: Christian Brinklow, Jannick Moth, KJ Mortimer, Nadenh
Poan, Hannah Sampson, Alice Shepperson
Rehearsal Director: Siobhan Hayes
Understudy: Annie-Rose Grantham and Amelia Clark
Access Worker: Amelia Clark

About the company

Stopgap Dance Company create exhilarating dance productions for national and international touring. They employ disabled and non-disabled artists who find innovative ways to collaborate. Stopgap value a pioneering spirit and are committed to making discoveries about integrating disabled and non-disabled people through dance.


Inga Evenemang