Hedda Gullander

After a short time of Christmas break, we are now ready to kick off! It is time to present to you our coordinator in the project group, Hedda Gullander. Hedda has been working at Producentbyrån since 2020 and are also freelancing as a theater teacher and as an actress.

What does the job as regional coordinator mean?
It means planning a tour and mainly having contact with the presenters and companies. I am like an intermediator in between presenters and companies and provides much of the information needed to carry out the performances. Like for instance accommodation, contracts and information about the venues. I am also involved in the festival’s environmental work.

Tell me more about your exciting environmental work Performing Green!
It is an initiative by the organization Assitej, a platform and community to bring out Swedish performing arts to children and young adults internationally. Also, to offer performing arts to Sweden. Performing Green is a workshop series of six meetings. Everyone contributes with a case and from Producentbyrån we have chosen the Step festival. With the festival, the travel is the most critical part. The practical measures are important to pin-point, and the long-term goals with the sustainability plan of the Step festival can be a role model for others. For the festival we have four areas in which we are working active: food, traveling, accommodation and printed matter.

What are you looking forward to with the festival?
To see all the performances live together with the children! It is such a boost when you have been working with a project for a long time and then experience it with the audience. That I am looking forward to!

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