Inauguration March 3rd!

The grand opening of Step will take place at Folkets hus in Vänersborg on March 3rd!

Starting outside the gates, at Plantaget, we will be greeted with dance in the twilight. We are then lead into the elegant Festsalen at Folkets hus. Among mingling people, balloons and bubbles we will listen to the inauguration speaker Daniel Andersson (L), commissioner of the regional council and first vice chairman of the culture committee. There will also be dancing and musical entertainment. The participants are the winners of VBG Dance Festival, Go To Crew, students from Music School Vänersborg’s dance education, Musikskolans Party Band and Danspoolen.

Tickets cost 130 sek for adults and 70 sek for children/youth.
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Approximate times for the evening are:
17:45: Light dance at Plantaget, outside of Folkets hus
18:00–18:50: Mingle, speech, dance and musical entertainment at Festsalen, Folkets hus
ca 18:50: Doors open, Vänersborgs teater
19:00–19:40: The street performance 3rd with company Freestyle Phanatix