Motsatser and Vind, blås mig!

We are now shifting focus to the part of the festival that is locally based and with this, present to you the performances Motsatser by Embla dans & teater and Vind, blås mig! by Big Wind.

”We are very excited to be a part of Step and also to take part of the other offerings of the festival. I am looking forward to see the dancers start the performance, hopefully in a springy Olof Palmes plats to after that join the audience at Folkteatern.” – Mia Kjellqvist, producer at Embla dans & teater.

Motsatser has been made possible to be performed outdoors and in any weather. For example, it will be performed in connection to the professionals’ program 2-5 of March. Vind, blås mig! is an entirely new performance where the audience is invited to an interactive experience.

”We have met many fine students at the Compulsory schools for pupils with learning disabilities, in Gothenburg, Mölnlycke and Vara which has taught us a lot in the work of the performance. We are happy and proud to be a part of Step. A festival and a performance where everyone is both welcome and expected!2 – Matilda Magnusson, producer of the performance Vind, blås mig!

Motsatser is a playful performance where two dancers, on their way to the preschool, explore the notion of opposites. During their journey they encounter a multitude of opposites of various kinds, and it turns out that the path itself is more important than the goal. In all weathers and in a playful and humorous way, the many sides of opposite behaviors are explored. We get to experience a world that is not just black or white but where life is trickier than that.

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Vind, blås mig!
In Vind, blås mig! you’ll meet love, magic and forces of nature. One musician and three dancers guide the children on an interactive journey, portraying forceful characters and big emotions. The performance is loosely inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and is told through dance, song and poetry. The audience is taken out on the thunderous sea, into the mystic forest, to Caliban’s Garden and much more.

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