Group: Embla dans & teater
Country: Sweden
Age: Family performance with children 3-5 years old
Duration: Approx. 45 min


Motsatser (Opposites) is a playful performance where two dancers, on their way to the preschool, explore the notion of opposites. During their journey they encounter a multitude of opposites of various kinds, and it turns out that the path itself is more important than the goal. In all weathers and in a playful and humorous way, the many sides of opposite behaviors are explored. We get to experience a world that is not just black or white but a world where life is trickier than that. Motsatser is performed at preschools, both inside and outdoors. Afterwards, the children get to explore how opposites can be felt in the body. The performance has been created based on children’s thoughts about opposites in everyday life.


About the performance

Choreography and idea: Anna Wennerbeck in collaboration with Pia Nordin
Dancers: Pia Nordin and Ellen Rengman
Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp
Music: Anders Hagberg
Photo: Ola Kjelbye
Costume: Anna Kraft
Props: Per Agélii

About the company

Embla dans & teater produces high-quality artistic works mainly for young audiences, but sometimes also for adults or mixed audiences. Embla wants to articulate and give voice to children’s issues, emotions and thoughts with productions based on subject matters that are relevant for their audiences. When they succeed, new thoughts arise in their audiences, giving them new perspectives on their lives. The driving force behind Embla is to facilitate and give audiences a good encounter with the art of dance and to also inspire their creativity.


Inga Evenemang