Move (the) inside and (the) outside


Group: Jordi L. Vidal Company
Country: Belgium
Age: for ages 18 years and above
Duration: adaptable

Move (the) inside and (the) outside

Dance and physical theatre improvisation and composition workshop with Jordi L. Vidal. A creative journey and a surprising exploration to move and make the environment around us resonate by living it in a new way. (Re)discovering original and unusual solutions to obstacles, barriers, architectural constraints so that they become allies and playing partners.

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About the company

The Jordi L. Vidal Company produces performances that combine dance, theatre and circus, for indoor and outdoor settings. With over 600 performances, their shows have been presented at numerous venues and festivals around the globe. The company’s creative horizon spans multidisciplinary work combining movement with chamber music ensembles, video creations and art installations as well as site-specific work.


Inga Evenemang