Group: MYKA
Country: Denmark
Age: for ages 4-18 months
Duration: 30 min


Natten is an iridescent nightly adventure for the very young. In the performance, the dancers take you and your baby on a discovery in a safe room filled with moon whiz, star melodies and the sounds of the night. It’s an interactive dance performance where both babies and adults can move freely in the room or lie down and just be. Natten is an experience in a magical nightly universe with dancing moonlight and glittering stars that evoke your senses through scent, dance, sounds and music.

“Poetic dancing where moon light and glittering stars guides the babies through the dark night. Understated in tone, but bold in its trust in the infant child. Babies aren’t afraid of the dark, it’s just something expected by us adults.” – Peter Sunesson


About the performance

Choreography: My Grönholdt in cooperation with the cast
Dance: Julie Rasmussen, My Nilsson
Scenography and Costume Design: Mie Riis
Lighting Design: Mikkel Jensen
Music and Sound Design: Erik Christoffersen
Photo and Video: Morten Arnfred
Production: MYKA, administration Projektcentret. Supported by Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg, BUPL.
Thanks: Dansstationen Malmö, Zangenbers Teater, test audiences and cooperation partners.

About the company

MYKA is a dance company based in Copenhagen lead by choreographer My Grönholt. MYKA produces performances and installations for young audiences that can move people of all kinds, big or small, often revolving around current topics.


Inga Evenemang