Group: Grensgeval
Country: Belgium
Age: for ages 4 years and above
Duration: 55 min


Plock! is a high-energy performance combining dance and circus with action painting. In Plock!, the dancer tries to copy the painting style of American painter Jackson Pollock. But how can he make the right blot on the right spot? Should he drip, throw, pour or splash the paint? Does he need to work with brushes, sticks, or entire containers? With buzzing cans, dancing paint, colored sounds, and a dancer who twist, turn, jump and roll, it’s a performance for everyone who likes to color outside the lines!

“What can be more fun for children (and adults) than an opportunity to play with paints and get completely messy! Plock! is a highly visual performance that stimulates the senses.” – Adjjima Na Patalung


About the performance

Concept/Directing/Acting: Hanne Vandersteene and Mahlu Mertens
Acrobacy/Acting: Camiel Corneille/Jakob Lohmann/Axel Guérin
Sound Concept: Stijn Dickel (aifoon vzw)
Costumes: Sofie Rosseel
Dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp
Light Design: Jeroen Doise, Saul Mombaerts
Poster Image: Maud Langaskens
With support of: The Flemish Government, De Grote Post, Dommelhof/Theater op de Markt, Cicuscentrum, De Kopergietery, aifoon vzw, Via Zuid

About the company

Grensgeval creates performances with and/or for children and young. The company often takes the child’s perspective to deal with adult themes placed in a consciously naive logic, mixed with both anarchy and punk. The productions are sensory performances that do not only appeal to the eye, but also to the ear, nose, and even the skin and mouth. They always work interdisciplinary, cooperating with a variety of artists.


Inga Evenemang