Ta plats


Organization: Dansutbildningen Språng
Country: Sweden
Age: for ages 4-6 and 7-10 years
Duration: 45 min

Ta plats

Taking place can mean a lot of things. For example taking place and be proud in your own body, taking place in the group, in our country and in our world. In the dance workshop Ta plats!, we start from the individuals in the group and explore what it means to take and give space, and how we can treat each other with respect and curiosity when faced with each other’s differences. In this dance workshop the participants develop their creative abilities, dancing to different kinds of music with different movement qualities. We train coordination and motor skills, cooperation, respect and appreciation for our differences.

About Dansutbildningen Språng

Dansutbildningen Språng offers courses, artistic creation and educations. They have broad experience in working inclusive with dance for children, youth and adults. Their activities feature people both with and without disabilities and is governed by questions like who has access to participate and who is offered the possibility to contribute to the shared societal space.



Inga Evenemang