About Step

About Step

Step is an international dance festival for children and young people in Region Västra Götaland, Sweden. The first edition took place in March 2020. Step revolves around the meeting between dance and audience. Where all children and young people, no matter circumstances, background, place of residence or understanding of dance, can experience professional dance at the highest level.

The large and small-scale performances presented during Step will include a variety of styles, cultures and modes of expression. They will be toured in the region as well as shown at venues in Gothenburg. The festival will also provide a meeting place for members of the dance community, with talks and workshops for both children and adults, based on the ideas and wishes of the festival’s collaborative partners. Quite simply, it’s more fun when we do things together!

We would like Step to be a shared platform where we can all experience something out of the ordinary together. Where equality for everyone is the starting point for creating a sense of community and enjoyment through dance. Where the festival is a place for discovering something completely new, something you may never before have dreamt of. In other words, it is a festival for all children and adults who are still young at heart.


Producentbyrån in Gothenburg is the initiator and producer of Step. Producentbyrån is a team of producers and project managers working with various artists, companies, festivals, conferences and projects in performing arts, both in Sweden and internationally. Producentbyrån was founded in 2008 and work with tour management, communication, project management, coordination, production, administration and economy. We work with both short and long-term projects and hire additional producers and project managers when needed. Producentbyrån is run by Malin Enberg and Dag Rosenqvist.


Would you like to know more about Step, or get in touch with anyone working with the festival? Get in touch at:

E-mail: info@stepfestival.se
Phone: +46 (0) 728-58 76 38