Company: Freestyle Phanatix
Country: Denmark
Age: for ages 11 and above
Duration: 60 min workshop + 30 min show


A strong group of professional dancers present breakdance at the highest level. Freestyle Phanatix leads the students through an intense workshop. The class is created so that anyone can take part. Beginners learn the basic steps and styles, while students with previous experience get support in developing balance and technique. After this we give a presentation on the history and the original ideas of hip-hop: community, creativity, originality and peaceful competition. The workshop is rounded off with a show, displaying all aspects of breakdance in practice!


About Freestyle Phanatix

Freestyle Phanatix is Scandinavia’s largest professional breakdance crews and has presented more than 3000 performances and workshops across the world. The crew is a collective where three generations from the different arts within hip hop meet. Their work is defined by openness, unity, the ability to see past skin color and background and to reach beyond the limits of the stage, regardless of what audience they’re performing for.


Inga Evenemang