Peekaboo Poncho


Group: Scottish Theatre Producers
Country: Scotland
Age: 0-5 years
Duration: 11 minutes

Peekaboo Poncho

A fun, immersive, dance and movement piece for babies and toddlers. Inspired by the game of peekaboo, hide and seek and various beloved childhood toys, Peekaboo Poncho has been designed and made by Costume Designer Alison Brown, with support from Catherine Wheels Theatre Company. At the start of the performance, the poncho is only in black and white because strong black and white pattern helps focus babies’ attention. The Poncho is then brought to life and colour by Dancer/Choreographer Suzi Cunningham that culminates in an explosion of joyful dance.


About the performance

Dancer Suzi Cunningham
Director Gill Robertson
Composer Coll Reekie
Designer Alison Brown
Producer Sarah Gray, Scottish Theatre Producers

About the company

Scottish Theatre Producers was founded by Producer Sarah Gray in 2016 to support the work of a range of freelance artists and companies, in particular those who make work for children and young people. STP produces projects for other artists and develops new work, including the critically acclaimed Stand By and tours numerous productions internationally, including Frozen Charlotte’s Paperbelle, Constellation Points’ Cloud Man and The Polar Bears Go Up


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