Stor prick, liten prick


Group: Memory Wax
Country: Sweden
Age: for ages 3-6 years
Duration: 30 minutes

Stor prick, liten prick

About bubbling dots and round sounds
About black holes and mischievous stains
About inside and outside
About smallness and bigness
About you and me, yours and mine
About big dot, little dot.

Taking inspiration from the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s universe of dots, Memory Wax invites you to a suggestive dance performance for children. Together we discover the small things in the big picture and the big picture in the small things. We step into the unknown where creativity and play are our lifelines. They take us forward, backward, inwards, and outwards. We get to know ourselves and the world around us, our own fantastic universe.

The performance was created in collaboration with the Svedala municipality library and their project ”Läs med alla sinnen” (Read with every sense). A project aimed at investigating how children’s language and imagination can be nourished by stories and experiences. What happens when they experience dance, music and art, and how do they ponder once they get the chance to process what they’ve seen or heard in their own creative process.

Stor prick, liten prick is part of Step Extended.


About the performance

Choreography, idea and concept Miguel Azcue and Johanna Jonasson
Co-creators and dance Rumiko Otsuka, Olo Tamayo, Alina Ramirez and Ernesto León
Composer Johannes Burström
Scenography concept Memory Wax
Construction, décor/props Malin Kihlberg
Lighting design Imre Zsibrik
Graphics projections Sadik Salem
Film Javier Garcia, Emma Ribbing and Alexis Rodríguez Cancino
Photo Johanna Jonasson
Funding by Kulturrådet, Malmö stad and Region Skåne
In collaboration with Svedala kommuns bibliotek and In-discourse

About the company

Memory Wax is a dance company producing dance with a strong visual expression for children, youth, and adults. Our ambition is to acknowledge dance as an art form and further its position in society.

In our artistry, we explore the complexity of our feelings and various relationships between humans. Over the years we have gained a lot of attention for our distinctiveness and our unique, suggestive embodiment. Our movement vocabulary is scaled down, imbued with humanism and a curiosity to explore and portray existential and philosophical questions through dance. With undertones of humor and a love for simplicity, we want to create magic in everyday life.

We constantly strive to develop the opportunities of meeting the audience and widen interest for contemporary dance. Our goal is to bring dance closer to human beings and give more people the opportunity to experience the magic, the creativity and the possibilities that free expression creates.

Memory Wax is based in Malmö and was founded in 2004 by Miguel Azcue and Johanna Jonasson. The company has annual funding from Kulturrådet, Region Skåne and Malmö Stad.



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