Group: Danskompaniet Spinn
Country: Sweden
Age: for ages 3-5 years
Duration: 45 minutes


With a large and fluffy pink tail, the three dancers greets you. They say hi one by one, and after that you may go and take your seat. But what’s really hiding behind the silvery mountain? With their tails at the ready, they’re playing their way through the world. They bicker, joke and mess about, and investigate the place that we’re at. Are we even still on earth?

With Svansen (The Tail), choreographer Minna Krook has created a dance performance that is both playful and thoughtful. A performance about friendship and curiosity, but also about consideration and how we together take care of that which surrounds us. Minna has been working as a choreographer since 1999 and has created dance performances for children, youth, and adults.

Svansen are for ages 3-5 years old and their grown-ups. This is the first time that Spinn has worked with this age group. The performance has been created as part of Spinn’s Artist in Residence at Vara Konserthus 2023-2025, where it will also premiere on January 31, 2024.

Svansen is part of Step Extended.


About the performance

Artistic Director Veera Suvalo Grimberg
Choreography Minna Krook
Dancers Hannah Karlsson, Emilia Wärff, Annika Vestel, Britta Kangas, Ida Häggström,
Composer Ville Hukkinen
Costume and Scenography Karin Agélii
Lighting Design Kajsa-Sara Hogenlid *
Mask Anna Lilja
Photo Malin Arnesson
Graphic Design Hanna Eliasson
Technician Simmel Åslund
Company Host Tone Helly-Hansen
Thank You Klas Grimberg
Production Producentbyrån and Danskompaniet Spinn
Co-production with Vara Konserthus Production Manager Sara Törn and Producer Ida Jarlgren

* Student at Stockholms konstnärliga högskola.
Tutor – Åsa Holtz.

About the company

Danskompaniet Spinn is a professional dance company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are passionate about the art of dance and about challenging stereotypes regarding what dance is and can be. It is about different bodies and new ways of creating and presenting dance art. With us, everybody is welcome to experience our performances and take part in our workshops. It is not about how many pirouettes you can do, but what you want to express with the pirouette that you do. Spinn was founded in 2010 by Artistic Director Veera Suvalo Grimberg. We are an international company working with Swedish and international choreographers and composers. We work with people who are interested in an artistic dialogue, and who want to explore and develop both their own as well as our artistic expression. Over the last few years we have created both bigger and smaller productions, in Sweden and internationally. Spinn also gives workshops and lectures where we meet other dance artists, nursery school children, museum curators, personal assistants, politicians, students, dance teachers and many others.


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