Group: MYKA
Country: Denmark/Sweden
Age: for ages 6 months to 100 years
Duration: 45 minutes


UNTZ BABY UNTZ is an interactive dance performance where bass and techno meets children’s parties! Inspired by the 90’s rave culture and the principle PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect), UNTZ BABY UNTZ is a warm fuzzy techno embrace that wants to inspire the young audience to take their first steps into the world of techno and dance. UNTZ BABY UNTZ invites babies, older siblings along with their adults and friends to a fun-filled experience, where they can move freely together in the group or practice solo dancing. No child should have to grow up without techno!


About the performance

Concept MYKA
Choreography My Grönholdt, in collaboration with the artistic team
Dancers Andrea Deres and Daniel Jeremiah Persson alt. My Nilsson and Ray Roa or Escarleth Pozo
Set design and costume Tove Dreiman
Costume assistant Fie von Veer
Technical producer and light design Filip Vilhelmsson
Technician Julia Friberg
Music Erik Christoffersen
Consultants Martin Forsberg and Dalija Acin Thelander
Photo and video documentation AdeY
Graphics and PR Anna Paulnitz
Administration Jens Christian Jensen
Producer Sofia Wickman
Co-production MYKA and Dansstationen’s Touring Company

UNTZ BABY UNTZ<7em> was made possible with the support of Region Skåne, Kulturrådet and Statens Kunstfond. The performance premiered at Dansstationen, Malmö on 26 Aug 2022.

About the company

My Grönholdt/Choreographer (she/her) is a Swedish choreographer, dancer and artist based in Denmark, educated at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2011. My is the artistic director and choreographer for MYKA, which produces strong visual and aesthetic performances. Within My Grönholdt’s artistic practice, choreography, light, sound, scenography and costume there is an equivalent scenic expression and value, often built in 360-degree scenography’s with inspiration from nature and natural phenomena. My creates choreography for the youngest with inspiration from visual art, sculpture and installation that generates in big-thinking interdisciplinary productions.



Inga Evenemang