Step 2024

Step 2024

The third edition of Step took place between March 6-9, 2024. All in all, 39 events at ten venues and locations in five municipalities in Regions Västra Götaland and Halland were presented. Children, youth, adults, and elderly from the municipalities Borås, Göteborg, Härryda, Kungsbacka and Lerum got the opportunity to experience performances from The United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.

The selection for Step 2024 was done by our curators Fiona Ferguson – creative development director at Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, Adjjima Na Patalung – Festival Director of BICT Fest in Bangkok and Peter Sunesson – Producer at Helsingborgs stadsteater in Helsingborg. The staff at Producentbyrån were responsible for bringing in local, regional, and national performances and events to the program.

Our international professionals program gathered over 60 people from The United Kingdom, Thailand, Norway and Sweden. During three days – March 6-8 – industry professionals gathered at Kungsbacka Teater, House of Possibilitas and Folkteatern to network, mingle and listen to talks about collaboration between the independent dance sector and the institutions, the connection between performing arts and schools, work with international networks and festivals, artistic processes and much more. As part of Step Extended, we also presented five West Swedish dance artists and companies for the participating industry professionals.

New for Step 2024 was the collaboration with Rum för Dans and Kungsbacka Teater where we kicked of the professionals program and the entire festival on March 6. In addition to speeches by Step’s project manager Hanko Zell and Hanna Schölander, chair of Driftnämnden Kultur och skola in Region Halland, the grand opening also featured a dance performance by students from the Angered culture school.

We would like to thank the participating companies, our partners, presenters, and funders for believing in what we do and for doing this together with us. And finally – a massive thanks to everyone who attended the performances and talks during Step 2024!



Peekaboo Poncho

Scottish theatre producers(UK)


Shall we together

tout petit(BE)


Stor prick, liten prick

Memory Wax(SE)






Danskompaniet Spinn (SE)


Träda trassla tråda…

Lambert & Lindström(SE)




Participants Professionals Program

Anna-Greta Himmer | Dancer and Choreographer (SE)
Annika Ostwald | Operations Manager and Artistic Director Rum för Dans (SE)
Cecee Rowland-Huss | Dancer and Choreographer (SE)
Students from the Angered culture school (SE)strong>
Ellen Rengman | Artistic Director and Dancer/Choreographer Catapult (SE)
Hanko Zell | Project Manager Producentbyrån/Step (SE)
Hedda Gullander | Producer Producentbyrån/Step (SE)
Helena Lambert | Artistic Director and Dancer/Choreographer Lambert & Lindström (SE)
Henrik Kraft | Eldsberga förskola (SE)
Jenny Larsson | Dancer and Choreographer (SE)
Kyrie Oda | Artistic Director and Dancer/Choreographer PAx (JP/SE)
Lava Markusson | Artistic Director and Dancer/Choreographer Bobbi Lo Produktion (SE)
Linnea Lidberg | Project Manager ASSITEJ Sweden (SE)
Love Hellgren | Artistic Director and Dancer/Choreographer PAx (SE)
Matilda Steijner | Music Teacher Hammarkullsskolan (SE)
Michael Tang | Artistic Director and Dancer/Choreographer Bobbi Lo Produktion (DK/SE)
Minna Elif Wendin | Dancer and Choreographer (SE)
Niclas Malmcrona | Operations Manager ASSITEJ Sweden (SE)
Per Hemberg | Producer Kungsbacka Teater (SE)
Sandra Grehn | Moderator (SE)
Sara Lindström Lindhe | Artistic Director and Dancer/Choreographer Lambert & Lindström (SE)
Zara Zimmermann | Operations Coordinator ASSITEJ Sweden (SE)


Step 2024 was carried out in cooperation with the following municipalities.

Borås stad
Göteborgs stad
Härryda kommun
Kungsbacka kommun
Lerums kommun


We collaborated with the following partners.

Folkteatern Göteborg
Förskoleförvaltningen Göteborgs Stad
Grundskoleförvaltningen Göteborgs Stad
Göteborgs Stad
House of Possibilitas
Kulturförvaltningen i Västra Götalandsregionen
Kungsbacka Teater
Rum för Dans

Venues and locations

During the 2024 festival we presented events at the following venues and locations.

Almekärrsvägen 189
443 39 Lerum

Axel Dahlströms torg 3
414 80 Göteborg

Borås kulturhus
P A Halls Terrass
503 42 Borås

Folkteatern Göteborg
Olof Palmes plats 1
413 30 Göteborg

House of Possibilitas
Granåsgatan 2
422 44 Göteborg

Kungsbacka Teater
Gymnasiegatan 44
434 50 Kungsbacka

Mölnlycke Kulturhus
Biblioteksgatan 2
435 30 Mölnlycke

Götgatan 10
411 05 Göteborg

Sandarnas Vård- och omsorgsboende
Karl Johansgatan 158
414 50 Göteborg

Skaraborgsvägen 3
506 30 Borås


Step 2024 was carried out with support from Västra Götalandsregionen, Kulturrådet, Göteborgs stad and Konstnärsnämnden.