International Dance Day at Mölnlycke kulturhus

The third of spring’s five meetings of Step’s Dance Club takes place at Mölnlycke kulturhus as part of International Dance Day on April 29. There will be a program that’s open to the public and a parallel program for the participating teachers.

During the day, Step has the immense honor of presenting the performance of Kompani Catapult’s new dance performance Konsekvens! The performance raises issues like the choices we make and how we interact with eachother. It’s a performance where the answers lie as much in what happens on stage as with the audiences’ interpretations. The performance is for children ages 12 years and up and families. The day also feature Gustaf Jönsson, who was the municipality choreographer in Varberg during 2021. Gustav and Kompani Catapult with host a discussion lead by Sandra Grehn about the respective processes as municipality choreographer in Varberg and Tjörn. In addition to this, Gustaf will hold a dance workshop inspired by Kompani Catapult’s performance Konsekvens. There is no need to bring a change of clothes for this, but wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. The workshop is also for children ages 12 years and up and families.

Schedule for the public program
11:00-11:45 – the dance performance Konsekvens by Kompani Catapult
12:30-13:15 – talk about the work as municipality choreographer
13:30-14:15 – dance workshop with Gustaf Jönsson
Location: Mölnlycke kulturhus

All of the above events are free of charge, but you have to register in advance.
Please register by filling in this Google form!

International Dance Day ay Mölnlycke kulturhus is presented in collaboration with Härryda kommun.

Photo: Nena Segerbrand, Anepe Photo