The Krokus festival!

From Friday February 17 to Tuesday the 21 we’ll be visiting Hasselt, Belgium for this year’s edition of the Krokus festival.

All in all, we’re hoping to see around ten performances, naturally focusing on dance, and we will also be attending talks and other goodies that the festival offers.

With the aid of some extra funding from the Swedish Arts Council, we have also been able to invite our Swedish artistic curator Peter Sunesson. As a wonderfully unexpected and nice bonus, our international curators Fiona Ferguson from Imaginate, Edinburgh and Adjjima Na Patalung from BICT-fest in Bangkok will also be there. We will take this opportunity to discuss some general ideas for the next edition of Step. So great!

Due to the pandemic, it has now been a few tears since we visited the festival, and we are really looking forward to come back and see both performances and meet new and old aquaintences. Perhaps we’ll see each other in the crowd?