Performances 2024!

The time has finally come to present the performances that make up Step 2024! This year we have the great joy of presenting a total of seven performances from Belgium, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden. There are performances about masculinity norms and entertainment violence, infant techno and balancing acts that challenges the boundaries. There are also performances inspired by classical children’s games, that contemplate the big picture in the small things, that takes us on a journey into space and that more resembles a dance installation.

All in all, we are presenting seven performances for all ages between Wednesday to Saturday March 6-9. There is the Scottish mini performance Peekaboo Poncho. Inspired by the game of peekaboo and hide and seek, it is a fun, immersive, dance piece for babies and toddlers. Shall we together by Belgian company tout petit, a performance in which two dancers challenge each other to push boundaries. Malmö based Memory Wax’ new performance Stor prick, liten prick is a performance about the small things in the big picture and the big picture in the small things. Yet another performance from Scotland comes in the form of Stuntman, which is an intensely physical, funny, and tender duet by two men wrestling with their relationship to violence – both onscreen and off. Danskompaniet Spinn’s latest performance Svansen is about friendship and curiosity, but also about consideration and how we together take care of that which surrounds us. Träda Trassla Tråda… by choreographers Lambert & Lindström is an interactive performance in the borderlands between dance and art installation welcoming audiences of all kinds. Last but not least, Danish company MYKa’s UNTZ BABY UNTZ which is an interactive dance performance where bass and techno meets children’s parties.

In other words, and just as it should be, the festival program is a sprawling and altogether wonderful palette of performances for anyone interested in dance!

Read more about the Step performances here.