Step’s professionals program 2024!

Now the time has also come to present the professionals’ program for Step 2024 that takes place in Kungsbacka and Gothenburg on March 6–8.

The first day of the professionals’ program – Wednesday March 6 – takes place at Kungsbacka Teater in collaboration with Rum för Dans and Kungsbacka Teater. There will be talks with Rum för Dans, Kungsbacka Teater, Bobbi Lo Production and Sara Lindström Lindhe and Helena Lambert and the performances Träda Trassla Tråda… by Lambert & Lindström and UNTZ BABY UNTZ by MYKA. Here we’re also hosting the official grand opening of Step 2024 in the foyer of Kungsbacka Teater. There will be toasts, speeches and dancing! Thursday March 7 we will spend at House of Possibilitas in Gothenburg. We will present the performances Stor prick, liten prick by Memory Wax and Svansen by Danskompaniet Spinn. As part of Step Extended we have invited the dance artists and companies Minna Elif Wendin, Anna-Greta Himmer, PAx, Kompani Catapult and Cecee Rowland-Huss to present their artistry. There will also be a presntation by ASSITEJ Sweden on the connection between performing arts and schools. In the evening we’re heading into town to see the performance Stuntman at Folkteatern. On Friday March 8 we return to Folkteatern. Once again we have a presentation by ASSITEJ Sweden on work opportunities, festivals, networks and how Swedish groups can tour abroad. There will be presentations of Step’s Dance Club and Swedish Inheritance Fund project Community Art Lab Sweden, which is a digital stage for young artistry. We end the Friday with a relaxed mingle at FOLK!

All talks during the professional’s program are moderated by Sandra Grehn. The professionals’ program is free of charge, apart from the performance of UNTZ BABY UNTZ at 17:00 on March 6 and the performance of Stuntman at Folkteatern at 18:30 on March 7. Please note though that you have to register to attend the professionals’ program. Registration for the 2024 professionals’ program can be found here.

The professionals’ program in its entirety can be found here!