The festival is now in full swing and several performances have been played and moved its audience, all around the region. Now we want to present an addition in the further selection of the festival program called Step Extended! Step Extended is our initiative to showcase both dance companies and innovative dance projects from Region Västra Götaland. It is also an addition to the festival’s curated program.

We are therefore now proudly welcoming Kvinnostaden by Kompani Catapult to Step 2022! Kvinnostaden is playing Saturday 12 March at 15.00, at Järntorget in Gothenburg. Look out for dancers in red clothes at Järntorget – hope to see you there!

About Kvinnostaden
Kvinnostaden is a movable dance performance where Kompani Catapult paints the city with their dancing. Where the city statues are embodied and tell their own story. Some see the entire performance, some discover it along the journey and stay until the end, while others only encounter the dancers for a brief moment.

Read more about the performance here!

About Kompani Catapult
Kompani Catapult is based on feministic and democratic values and explore a way of working without an artistic leader but with a shared artistic direction. They strive to tell socially relevant stories that can be both touching and provocative at the same time.

Read more about the company here!