Group: Kompani Catapult
Country: Sweden
Age: All ages
Duration: 35 min


Kvinnostaden is a movable dance performance where Kompani Catapult paints the city with their dancing. Where the city statues are embodied and tell their own story. Kvinnostaden is performed outside and can be performed in any city, using a local statue as the starting point. It can be performed around one or several statues and its moves through the city. As the dancers move the audience change. Some see the entire performance, some discover it along the journey and stay until the end, while others only encounter the dancers for a brief moment.

Kvinnostaden is part of Step Extended


About the performance

Concept, choreography and dance: Agnes Nordin, Ellen Rengman, Madelene Hoff, Moa Lund
Costume: Kompani Catapult together with Monica Nordin
Photo/film: Harald Nilsson
In collaboration with: Medborgarskolan Region Väst

About the company

Kompani Catapult is based on feministic and democratic values and explore a way of working without an artistic leader but with a shared artistic direction. They strive to tell socially relevant stories that can be both touching and provocative at the same time. Catapult puts pride in having a curious process and is constantly exploring their voice in the world of art. Kompani Catapult aims to challenge norms about dance as high culture and make dance more accessible to people in their everyday life.



Inga Evenemang