The first performances!

It is finally time for us to share the first program release! We are so excited to present all the amazing performances in the program of Step 2022. Keep an eye out for more information about the program of the festival and upcoming dates!

In Jakob, two male performers depart into an intense journey that gradually reveals the destructive intimacy and love between two human beings. Through a playful choreography, the performance investigates why we limit our capacities to open up, support and accept each other. Jakob is the continuation of Tony Tran´s ongoing research on power and identity in human relationships. How does the person we relate to take part in the choices we make? How does this shape our behaviour, our individual actions and how we meet others?

Tony Tran is a Norwegian-Vietnamese choreographer and dancer. In his artistic work, he focuses primarily on embodied traits of human relationships and the diverse expressions and gestures of social togetherness.

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Hvad er det?
Curiosity is the strongest drive as a small child discovers the world. A drive that can last for a lifetime. Through movement, the dancers explore both the body and the space without taking anything for granted. Hvad er det? was created by the renowned choreographers and directors Thomas Eisenhardt and Kamilla Wargo Brekling, in collaboration with dancers Antoinette Helbing and Ole Birger Hansen. The performance also features music composed by Fredrik Lundin, in a scenography created by design duo KASPERSOPHIE.

Aaben Dans is a theatre in Roskilde working with dance, who make cross-aesthetic and innovative performing arts. Collaborating with various guest artists, they often work interdisciplinary to both renew and challenge their own expression, creating unusual experiences – labelled by themselves as “popular avant-garde”. Aaben Dans provides experiences for people of all ages and has a wide range of inclusive performing art activities for people in all phases of life.

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