First performances!

Masculinity norms using the locker room as a backdrop and street dance about what happens when forces clash. It’s finally time to present the first performances of the first edition of Step!

Un Poyo Rojo

With a large portion of humor, an ounce of provocation and with acrobatics in breakneck speed, Argentinian company Un Poyo Rojo explore the masculinity norms using the locker room as a backdrop. Although at the core, it’s something as simple and lovely as a love story. The performance Un Poyo Rojo, which has the same name as the company, was created in Buenos Aires in 2008 and has since been performed across the world and now it’s finally Sweden’s turn. The performance will, amongst others, be presented at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg as part of their circus program.


The street dance performance 3rd is the third and closing part of a trilogy by Danish company Freestyle Phanatix, revolving around man’s evolution, identity and future. Using Newton’s third law, stating that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, 3rd is a reflection on the consequences our actions as individuals, society and culture have on a global scale. About what happens when the choices of our ancestors and our own generation catches up with us. With an incredibly tight interaction, and a presence and sensitivity in every movement, this is a performance that is both quietly poetic yet explosively forceful.

We’ll be back shortly with more performances and dates!