The festival is now in full swing and several performances have been played and moved its audience, all around the region. Now we want to present an addition in the further selection of the festival program called Step Extended! Step Extended is our initiative to showcase both dance companies and innovative dance projects from Region Västra Götaland. It is also an addition to the festival’s curated program.

We are therefore now proudly welcoming Kvinnostaden by Kompani Catapult to Step 2022! Kvinnostaden is playing Saturday 12 March at 15.00, at Järntorget in Gothenburg. Look out for dancers in red clothes at Järntorget – hope to see you there!

About Kvinnostaden
Kvinnostaden is a movable dance performance where Kompani Catapult paints the city with their dancing. Where the city statues are embodied and tell their own story. Some see the entire performance, some discover it along the journey and stay until the end, while others only encounter the dancers for a brief moment.

Read more about the performance here!

About Kompani Catapult
Kompani Catapult is based on feministic and democratic values and explore a way of working without an artistic leader but with a shared artistic direction. They strive to tell socially relevant stories that can be both touching and provocative at the same time.

Read more about the company here!

Frock in Nordstan!

Welcome to experience the performance Frock by English dance company Stopgap, in the middle of the crowd of Nordstan on Friday the 4th of March at 16.00!

In Frock, six striking dancers collide in an uplifting dance riot! In this quirky dance performance, playful observations of the yesteryears explode into a punkish celebration of individuality and difference. Read more about the performance and show dates here.

Hope to see you!

Public performances

Now it’s really not far off until the festival starts. We hope that you are ready for a month filled with dance and that we finally can experience it together!

Below you will find some more of the public performances taking place during the festival. But not that we have your attention, we’d also like to once again direct your attention towards the Step professional’s program. Do you work in the cultural sector and are curious about taking part of interesting talks, experience and discuss dance for young audiences? Then register to the professional’s program 2-5 of March. href=”https://www.stepfestival.se/en/branschprogram/#registration”>Click here to register!

But here then are more public performances, ready to be booked in your calendar.

Thursday the 3rd of March at 18.30-19.15
Freestyle Sensation by Freeetsyle Phanatix, Ale Kulturrum
Tickets cost from 90 kr and upwards and can be booked here!

Friday the 4th of March at 16.00-16.30
Frock by Stopgap, Nordstan in Gothenburg
Free entrance!

Friday the 12th of March at 13.00-13.45
Hvad er det? by Aaben Dans, Regionteater Väst in Borås
Free admission. Book your tickets at +46 33-35 35 05

Monday the 21th of March at 19.00-19.30
An Encounter by Jordi L. Vidal Company, Dergårdsteatern in Lerum
Tickets cost from 75 kr and upwards and can be booked here!

Friday the 25th of March at 18.00-18.30
Adventures in planet love by Jordi L.Vidal Company at Ale Kulturrum
Tickets cost from 90 kr and upwards and can be booked here!

Visit the page Program to see more events during the festival!

The grand opening of Step!

Finally, we can announce that the grand opening of the festival is going to take place at Mölnlycke Kulturhus, Wednesday the 2nd of March at 18.00! The culture house transforms into an exuberant banquet hall with welcoming music, balloons, and a bubbly festival atmosphere!

In the salon, the audience is being welcomed by among others, the director of cultural affairs in Västra Götalandsregionen, Katti Hoflin. Then awaits the premiere of the sparkling performance Freestyle Sensation by the Scandinavian company Freestyle Phanatix. A powerful performance that mixes breakdance, rap, beatboxing and street dance, framed in a spectacular scenery. A meeting between styles and expressions where tradition meet present times!

Book a seat now for so you don’t miss this fantastic evening!
Tickets are available here.

Public performances

Aren’t you also longing to see some dance! It is now only one month left, and we are starting to get the festival tingle! The program for all the events during the festival is being added to the website on a daily basis and we are now presenting the first public performances that are available for booking. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases during the coming weeks! Below is a compiled list of what is available to book right now.

Wednesday 2nd of March at 18.00-19.30
Freestyle Sensation by Freestyle Phanatix presented in connection with the festival’s grand opening at Mölnlycke Kulturhus in Mölnlycke.
Tickets cost from 50 kr and upwards and can be booked here!

Friday 4th of March, 19.00-19.45
Jakob by Tony Tran Company, at Dergårdsteatern in Lerum.
Tickets cost from 75 kr and upwards and can be booked here!

Saturday 5th of March at 12.00-45
Motsatser by Embla dans & teater, Olof Palmes plats in Gothenburg.
Free of charge!

Sunday 6th of March at 14.00-14.45
Jakob by Tony Tran, Kulturhuset Kåken in Gothenburg.
Complimentary tickets can be booked here!

Saturday 13th of March at 14.00-14.40
Hvad er det? by Aaben Dans, Frölunda Kulturhus in Gothenburg.
Tickets cost 80 kr and can be booked here!

Saturday 19th of March at 12.00-12.25
An Encounter by Jordi L. Vidal Company, Mölnlycke Kulturhus in Mölnlycke.
Free of charge!

Visit the page Program to see more events during the festival!

Motsatser and Vind, blås mig!

We are now shifting focus to the part of the festival that is locally based and with this, present to you the performances Motsatser by Embla dans & teater and Vind, blås mig! by Big Wind.

”We are very excited to be a part of Step and also to take part of the other offerings of the festival. I am looking forward to see the dancers start the performance, hopefully in a springy Olof Palmes plats to after that join the audience at Folkteatern.” – Mia Kjellqvist, producer at Embla dans & teater.

Motsatser has been made possible to be performed outdoors and in any weather. For example, it will be performed in connection to the professionals’ program 2-5 of March. Vind, blås mig! is an entirely new performance where the audience is invited to an interactive experience.

”We have met many fine students at the Compulsory schools for pupils with learning disabilities, in Gothenburg, Mölnlycke and Vara which has taught us a lot in the work of the performance. We are happy and proud to be a part of Step. A festival and a performance where everyone is both welcome and expected!2 – Matilda Magnusson, producer of the performance Vind, blås mig!

Motsatser is a playful performance where two dancers, on their way to the preschool, explore the notion of opposites. During their journey they encounter a multitude of opposites of various kinds, and it turns out that the path itself is more important than the goal. In all weathers and in a playful and humorous way, the many sides of opposite behaviors are explored. We get to experience a world that is not just black or white but where life is trickier than that.

Read more about Motsatser here.

Vind, blås mig!
In Vind, blås mig! you’ll meet love, magic and forces of nature. One musician and three dancers guide the children on an interactive journey, portraying forceful characters and big emotions. The performance is loosely inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and is told through dance, song and poetry. The audience is taken out on the thunderous sea, into the mystic forest, to Caliban’s Garden and much more.

Read more about Vind, blås mig! here.

Freestyle Phanatix!

We warmly present once again a performance for Step 2022 – Freestyle Sensation, a brand new performance with the dance group Freestyle Phanatix! Not only that, but the premiere of Freestyle Sensation is also the grand opening of the festival at Mölnlycke Kulturhus the 2nd of March! Stay updated at our website and on Facebook for the whole program of the festival, which will be released shortly.

About Freestyle Sensation
Peace, Unity, Love & Having Fun are the foundations of hip hop. In Freestyle Phanatix’ new performance Freestyle Sensation, that motto is just the start! It’s a performance that blends breakdance, rap, beatboxing and streetdance with interactive scenography, projections and sound and lighting design. This is a meeting between different styles and expressions where tradition meet the present and with a stage that’s just as much alive and vibrant as the artists in the performance are.

Read more about Freestyle Phanatix here!

Hedda Gullander

After a short time of Christmas break, we are now ready to kick off! It is time to present to you our coordinator in the project group, Hedda Gullander. Hedda has been working at Producentbyrån since 2020 and are also freelancing as a theater teacher and as an actress.

What does the job as regional coordinator mean?
It means planning a tour and mainly having contact with the presenters and companies. I am like an intermediator in between presenters and companies and provides much of the information needed to carry out the performances. Like for instance accommodation, contracts and information about the venues. I am also involved in the festival’s environmental work.

Tell me more about your exciting environmental work Performing Green!
It is an initiative by the organization Assitej, a platform and community to bring out Swedish performing arts to children and young adults internationally. Also, to offer performing arts to Sweden. Performing Green is a workshop series of six meetings. Everyone contributes with a case and from Producentbyrån we have chosen the Step festival. With the festival, the travel is the most critical part. The practical measures are important to pin-point, and the long-term goals with the sustainability plan of the Step festival can be a role model for others. For the festival we have four areas in which we are working active: food, traveling, accommodation and printed matter.

What are you looking forward to with the festival?
To see all the performances live together with the children! It is such a boost when you have been working with a project for a long time and then experience it with the audience. That I am looking forward to!

Click here to check out our environmental policy!

More performances!

We are so excited to share the news that four additional performances are now confirmed to Step 2022! Like an early Christmas present we present to you:

Six striking dancers collide in an uplifting dance riot! In this quirky dance performance, watch playful observations of the yesteryears explode into a punkish celebration of individuality and difference. English Stopgap Dance Company create exhilarating dance productions for national and international touring. They employ disabled and non-disabled artists who find innovative ways to collaborate.

Read more about Frock here!

An encounter
A tender, adventurous and passionate meeting between two persons. An Encounter is a willful and dynamic performance that combines floor acrobatics, dance and physical theatre.

Adventures in planet love
Adventures in planet love explores the diversity of romantic encounters in order to bring to light our own prejudices. But how do we overcome these prejudices and build bridges to other people? Step 2022 marks the Scandinavian premiere of this fantastic performance! The Jordi L. Vidal Company produces performances that combine dance, theatre and circus, for indoor and outdoor settings. With over 600 performances, their shows have been presented at numerous venues and festivals around the globe.

Read more about An Encounter here!
Read more about Adventures in planet love here!

In , mankind is on the brink of extinction. The climate threat has come true and it’s fuming from gases and billowing smoke. The earth trembles under mankind’s rampage. Through powerful dance vignettes, the audience is invited into a street dance-based performance dealing with one of our time’s most pressing issues – climate change. Twisted Feet is a Gothenburg based dance company founded in 2003 based in street dance culture. They run a successful dance school and have produced a large number of stage productions.

Read more about here!

Registration is open!

Today we’re finally opening the registration for the 2022 Step professionals program! The program takes place in and around Gothenburg on March 2-5 and is filled with goodies that all share the common theme – dance for young audiences.

The professionals program offers talks about everything from masculinity norms, access to performing arts and representation. Among the participants are dancers and choreographers from the festival program, researchers and our beloved three curators! The talks program will take place at Folkteatern in Gothenburg, something that we are very happy about. In addition to this there will be dance performances around the region and there will also be opportunities to mingle and socialize together!

The talks, mingle and other activities that takes places during the professionals days in Gothenburg on March 2-5 are all free of charge. Please note that this does not include the performances that are presented in connection to the professional’s program. Reservation of tickets for these performances is done at the same Google form where you register. There is a limited number of tickets for each performance, so it’s first come first served!

The program will continue to fill up with even more fun as we go along, so keep an eye out for more exciting news and updates!

Read more about the program, the participants and register here!

photo: Faramarz Gosheh